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New marketplaces section, live chat, and bug fixes

March 18, 2022

Added NFT Marketplaces Dashboards, bug fixes for 1155s and Punks, new colors, live chat, updates section

It was great to get word of the approval for the Gitcoin Grants platform early in the week. Working on drumming up some contributions (hint, hint

  • Added a new NFT Marketplaces dashboard, currently featuring 6 marketplaces (OpenSea, Foundation, LarvaLabs Contract, LooksRare, Rarible, SuperRare). Features volume, salescounts, top buyers/sellers. Originally started to put in web traffic data and pulled it off after realizing the source data (Amazon's Alexa Web) is shutting down this May. Could look to replace with another API if desired/useful
  • Many bug fixes, especially with ERC-1155 and CryptoPunks contracts. 1155s tend to be more tricky and there are a few known bugs still to work out with holder counts on collections with many of the same piece (i.e. fungible tokens). Cryptopunks have their own special contract, as they set the standard for ERC-721 though were created on a separate contract. The CryptoPunks Dashboard is now pulling in all on-chain data.
  • New color schemes added to most charts as I work on stardardizing the charts
  • Revised backend for new collection additions. Each collection must be added to the database before pulling data from Dune. There were some hangups with the API calls for new collections. Trying to make this as smooth as possible, i.e one click to add, wait ~7 seconds, redirect to page with one more click.
  • Added an updates section to the sidebar. It seems the best way to handle updates will be to setup on separate pages, rather than in tabs. It's tough to navigate and will be a mess for search engines.
  • Integrated live-chat using Tidio to give a quick way for users to get in touch. Hopefully not too much spam